30 January 2013

Zach Searcy Intro

Roughly fifteen years ago people began asking me what I'm interested in and what career I was looking at. As a five year old, I had no clue what I was interested in. In fact, all of my career goals revolved around becoming a cowboy. In the past couple of years, that has changed because, apparently, cowboys don't save people or rob trains anymore. Since then, I have considered nearly every career option available from Hollywood stuntman to owner of Google to stay-at-home mom to astronaut. I have always been fascinated with the next cool way to let everybody know what's on my mind (here's to you, Google Plus) and am excited to get to work collaboratively on this blog. I am currently a third-year student at University of North Alabama, majoring in Radio, Television, and Interactive Media. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, watching sloth videos, and climbing trees.

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