08 April 2013

A Sequel in the Works

Something I've noticed about Twitter is that most of the time it works similarly to a flock of sheep. For this analogy to not end there, let's pretend that a topic is synonymous with a patch of grass.

Somehow a topic will flare up on Twitter and it doesn't take too long for things to escalate so that it seems the entire website is devoted to that topic. While sometimes the topics discussed are minor, such as #ILoveAGirlWho, there are some serious news stories that break on the site, such as the Twitter feud between members of One Direction and members of The Wanted. Lately, people have taken to Twitter to discuss their opinions on North Korea and the rising level of threats that they are sending to the US.

I saw in an article on CNN that more US citizens are genuinely concerned about North Korea's threats now than ever before. Are the threats entirely justified, though? While tensions are at an all time high around the Korean peninsula, US officials do not see an immediate threat. This doesn't meant that they are not prepared, should something happen. I think it just means that the US is confident in its war capabilities. I'm not personally concerned for my safety, though. Below is a graphic that shows the projected missile ranges of North Korea. To this point, they do not have a missile that can reach Florence, Alabama. I'm not saying to take the threats lightly and I'm also not saying that we should only be concerned about ourselves. I simply don't see the need for people in Alabama to be posting about what they're going to do now that their time is limited, thanks to North Korea.

The story is different for people in US controlled islands and South Korea, though. These places are the places that are in immediate threat. I still don't think that is something that the US is too concerned about, though. I saw that the US has sent THAADs (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) to Guam, which are missiles specifically designed to take down other missiles. They are like the granddaddy longlegs of the missile world. However, on top of the land-based THAAD, the US has also sent X-Band Radars to sit in the Pacific that serve the same function (pictured below). The US is ready in case North Korea decides to strike. 

The big controversy is currently focused on when the US should use what they have. I have no doubt that the US already has defensive and offensive plans in case North Korea actually does try anything. However, the US can't act on threats alone because it is already known for flexing it's muscle more often than it should.

I am prone to inaccuracies, so if you see something that you disagree with, let me know. How big of a threat would you say North Korea is, whether to the US or just in general? At what point would you support US invoking a war with North Korea if you don't already? I'm interested to see what you think.


  1. I absolutely hate war, despite some positive things that do come from it including jobs and money. Those things are not as important to me as living peaceably among all men and saving loved ones of so many families. it hurts my hear that people die because of such an ugly thing as war. That is definitely not to say I do not appreciate the men and women that fight for me to be able to live my free, wonderful, diva-style life. To be honest, I do not know enough about the potential war with North Korea to make an extremely educated opinion. I definitely need to do my research, but I will say that I am scared of what could happen. They are an intelligent country that means business, but I am also confident that our intelligent, strong country is prepared for the worst and can handle retaliating to any attacks.

  2. Oh my gosh. I can't even explain the amount of IGNORANCE that I witnessed on Twitter last week regarding North Korea and their leader Kim Jong-un. I believe that people rely too much on Twitter as a 'news source' and they really don't always know what is going on or all of the facts, before they start throwing out opinions.

    I don't believe that North Korea is a threat to the United States of America. However, we do have defense missile ships in the water and we will be well prepared if something does happen. But once again, I don't feel like North Korea is a threat to our country.

    I don't support war and I don't believe in the whole 'fighting for peace' theory that comes along with it. I absolutely hate it! After 9/11 my dad served for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and he was away from my family for four years and it just tore us apart. So I hate what war does to friendships and families, especially for those soldiers who aren't blessed to come back. Of course we live in a honorable country, and there are many men and women who don't mind fighting for our country. But I don't understand why? But war has been around since the beginning of time and it will always be around. But I hope that we can overlook North Korea.

    I don't want to sound like a cocky US citizen, but I feel like we are above entertaining North Korea.


    -Keniha Durley

  3. I also think a lot of times people make up their mind without knowing the facts, and then won't consider changing their mind either. I don't know much about this situation, but from what I saw on Twitter it seems like not many people are taking these threats seriously at all. I don't think you should ever underestimate anybody, but I also don't think the US should be eager to start a war. War is a huge deal and it is really terrible. However, I know it will always be a part of life and it's unfortunate that it comes to people making such huge sacrifices in order to keep their countries and loved ones safe.

  4. While Twitter is a great means for information and microblogging, the validity of what people are saying may not always be true. Twitter is a wonderful source for instant information, I found out Osama Bin Laden was dead through Twitter. With the North Korean possibility of war and their leader, Kim Jong-un, I think Twitter users need to step up their game. All I see about North Korea and Kim Jong-un on Twitter are memes of him. While some of them are entertaining, I feel like the public needs to be more informed about the situation that is currently going on.

  5. I think it is great that "people on Twitter" are actually even talking about news and not what they ate for lunch. But, I agree with Kenisha and Kaitlin. If you have no idea what you are even talking about, then please do not try to make an educated assumption of what is happening. Maybe they should in fact stick to giving us a description of their lunch instead of something as serious as an attack on the US. I will admit though, I was extremely nervous when North Korea declared the attack. But, then I thought about how we are completely prepared for when something like this happens. There's probably a missile sitting under me right now!

    Jasmine Redus