01 March 2013

Love REALLY does HURT!

This past Wednesday, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU caused a huge uproar with a fictional love gone wrong story that was ‘surprisingly’ similar to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s real-life story. The episode which is titled “My Funny Valentine” focuses on a rising pop star Micha Green and her violent hip-hop boyfriend Caleb Bryant (Really?). The opening scene shows Micha being attacked by Caleb after she questions him about flirting with a backup singer. He is shown cursing at her, throwing her down, pulling her hair, choking her and then punching her. The next morning her battered face is seen on the cover of a major newspaper and it is all over TV.

Long story short, the entire episode shows how hot-tempered Caleb is and how Micha just can’t seem to leave him alone because she ‘loves’ him. She refuses to press charges and in the end the couple gets into one last fight in Bermuda and the next morning Micha is found dead, floating in the water near their yacht.

In February of 2009, Chris Brown turned himself in at the LAPD’s Wilshire station and was booked for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna. Photos of her face hit the web and news channels, and America was shocked.

She was LITERALLY beaten black and blue by him. In a 20/20interview she said all she kept thinking was “When is it going to stop? He had no soul in his eyes. He was clearly blacked-out”. The two were ordered to stay away from each other and the relationship was over.

Fast forward to 2013, and now the 25 year old Rihanna is back together with her 23 year old boyfriend Chris Brown. And the Law & Order writers are NOT the only people who are uncomfortable with the reunion (Although sending out a message that she will end up dead is a bit much). She has received a lot of criticism for forgiven him.

Is love supposed to be painful? NO!  But we also can not help who we love. If Rihanna and Chris Brown were just your average Joe’s, maybe it would not be this big of a deal if she chose to forgive him four years later. But since they are put on a pedestal and idolized by many, it’s a big deal. Young women look up to her and view her as a role-model.
So with that being said do you believe that the media is being too hard on the young physically attractive couple or is their relationship sending out the message that it's ok to be back with a man who could possibly 'black-out' on you again? Social media, morning shows, late shows, radio stations and bloggers have all been rough on them, and they do not want her with him.  But is it our business?

I personally think that it could work out with these two this time around. I love, love and seeing two people in love makes me happy and they definitely look young and in love.  However, if it happens again...I will not be surprised. And I think that any woman (or guy) who has been abused should know that if it happens once, it can happen again.

-Kenisha Durley

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  1. Personally speaking, pain is not love. She may love him, and he may care for her, but how much could he love her if he could let himself hurt her in that way?
    Either way, I think anyone's relationship, even celebrities', are none of anyone else's business. However, I think you're spot-on saying that Rihanna is a role model for younger girls.
    That said, I think she should be more aware of how the decisions she makes for herself affect the people who look up to her.
    The same is true for Chris Brown. He should be more aware of the example he sets for the public.
    What kind of message does it send to young men when a celebrity beats his beautiful girlfriend, and ends up happy with her anyway?
    I understand the message Law and Order was trying to get across with the episode, but in my opinion all it did was draw more attention to a negative subject.
    But media coverage is a never-ending, vicious cycle.

  2. Although I think it is always good to forgive, I don't believe that means you need to put yourself in the same situation. Sometimes you just need to forgive but learn from it and move on.
    Like Sarah said, it isn't anyone else's business- but at the same time people are aware of her business because she is a celebrity. She could be using this situation to be a positive role model for women and men in abusive relationships.
    It is extremely hard to leave someone you love, but at the same time you need to love yourself. No one should be in a relationship involving either physical or verbal abuse. To me that is not a loving healthy relationship.
    I do not believe Rihanna will end up dead. However I don't think the Law and Order episode went too far because sometimes people do end up dead in situations like this.
    You can never know what's truly going on in other people's relationships.

  3. It is definitely good to forgive, and if you love someone, you want to forgive them and be with them. However, abuse is NEVER an option, no matter how much you love someone. If he loved her, he would not abuse her. I know people make mistakes, but it is not OK to beat a woman, or a man for that matter. Love is a serious, special thing that does not involve any violence whatsoever.

    I do agree that the relationship has had a lot of light put on it because of their celebrity status, but since they are celebrities they should expect it. She is a role model and she should accept that responsibility. I do not like that she is sending out the message that it is OK to be in an abusive relationship.

    I hope that it was a one-time thing and he will not continue to beat her. I truly hope their love grows and grows the right, healthy way.

  4. While I would agree, typically, that it's not our issue and that if Rihanna finds it within herself to forgive him and move on, we're talking about two people that have a huge influence in a younger generation's lives, like most of you have said.

    However, as a guy, I also see where this plays poorly from Chris's standpoint. Like Sarah said, he's teaching younger guys that as long as you're handsome and have a talent that the other finds attractive, you can get away with something like this. We're showing that second chances are a possibility, even when they shouldn't be. Chris Brown didn't miss a step-mother-in-law's birthday or a month-iversary, he beat her.

    I just feel poorly about this because of what people are letting slide. As celebrities, they can't make mistakes like this. It's not a matter of slipping up and doing whatever Justin Bieber is in the news for smoking this week, Chris hospitalized his significant other.

    Unfortunately, Rihanna isn't the only person willing to give Chris Brown multiple chances. Anybody see this list of tweets regarding the situation after the Grammy's last year? http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/horrible-reactions-to-chris-brown-at-the-grammys

  5. I am stuck between a rock and hard place with this because I absolutely LOVE them together! When I first heard the news, I was completely shocked, but like Kenisha said, I love to see people in love. We do not know what happens behind closed doors or the personal conversations that Rihanna and Chris have with one another. We honestly only see what they choose to show us! I try not to pass judgement on other people's relationship. It's simply not my business. However, I do believe the media has a huge role in other people's opinions about Rihanna and Chris together. I would never want anything liek that to happen to her again, but if she's happy, then I'm happy!

  6. Personally, I think everyone is getting sick of this on and again off again relationship. Since both Rihanna and Chris Brown are constantly in the media spot light and have a heavy influence on teenagers and young adults, they need to get their act together. They are considered role models and need to act maturely. Rihanna needs to get help with this domestic abuse situation so she can show other young girls who are in the same situation that they do not have to stay in it. Stars like Rihanna and Chris Brown have so much influence on younger people, it is scary. They need to act like adults.