04 March 2013


It has never been easier to take and share pictures and statuses with the world through social media, and the new Vine app is now making it possible to bring the words and pictures to life with videos. 

“Vine is the best social networking app since Twitter,” said UNA senior Adam Talmage. “It’s the easiest way to make someone laugh in under ten seconds.”

Vine is an application for smart phones that allows users to record six-second videos and post them on a feed. 

“You can record in segments so you can be really creative with it” Talmage said.  “You can record something two seconds at a time and wait to finish it so that it gives a different illusion and tells a story.”

Students without smart phones have not really jumped on the Vine train, or the tree, if you will. 

“I honestly have no idea what all the hype is about because I don’t have a smart phone to be able to look at the videos,” said UNA sophomore Lindsey Kersteins.

Other students use it religiously and think it will be the newest hit for smart phone users. 

“It’s the best invention ever made,” said UNA senior Ashlyn Pounders.

Pounders is an avid Twitter user and uses Vine to bring her tweets to life.

“If a picture is worth 1,000 words, Vine lets you post 6,000 instead of 140 characters #missionaccomplished,” said UNA sophomore Trey Edwards. 

UNA students can be seen all over campus making short, six-second films on their smart phones. The clips can be used for humor, art, or just to post daily activities.

Not everyone is crazy about the idea of people posting their thoughts in video-form. Students at Rivertown discussed their negative feelings about the new app over coffee and unfinished homework. 

“It is such a stupid app,” said UNA Sophomore, Hannah Archer.

Archer’s friends agreed as they viewed some Vines on their phones.

“I think it was intended for artistic purposes, but people use it for status updates,” Archer said. 

Similar to the famous anon Twitter accounts, Vine celebrities have begun to break out. 

“Colin Young’s vines are absolutely hilarious,” Talmage said. “He Vines about aggravating and pranking his girlfriend and every single one is entertaining.”

Young has thousands of Vine followers that scroll through his Vines to watch his girlfriend get tormented. Like bloggers, Viners that focus on a specific topic have more followers. 

“I think Vines are hilarious,” said UNA sophomore Miracle Osborne. “I think people could definitely gain fame from it if they get really creative.” 

Osborne said she does not have a Vine but she watches the videos with her friends and sees other students watching and making them all the time. 

By linking to Twitter and Facebook, Vine makes it possible for users to post their videos all over the web to gain followers. 

“I started making really stupid Vines to entertain people and gain more followers,” Talmage said. “Humor seems to be the key with this app.” 

Will more UNA students branch out and begin to use Vine, or will it join MySpace in the social media cemetery?

I absolutely love Vine and I use it all the time. I do tend to use it as a status update to show followers what I am doing and who I am with. It is fun to be creative and make them interesting and funny. I think Vine is a hit and will be worldwide very soon if it hasn't made it that far already. It may not be able to compete with Facebook and Twitter because of its simplicity, but the simplicity is what makes it beautiful. 

What do you guys think about Vine?


  1. Because it's only available for iProducts, I haven't gotten to really embrace (or get tangled in ?) the Vine community, but I think it's neat. I've made it my goal to be funny on every single social network, and this does seem like a great opportunity for that. I have been creating content on YouTube for several years now and to film a quick sequence of clips sounds like it opens new doors for the type of content to be made.

    Will it last? I think a big part of that is making it available on Android as well. Instagram's success almost doubled, if I remember correctly, when they made their app available on Android. It will make a big difference.

    I don't understand people calling this the next Twitter because Twitter runs alone, while Vine relies mostly on people sharing the content on other social media sites, much like Instagram. But I do think it could be a fun way to enhance posts on Twitter or Facebook, also like Instagram.

    I'm waiting for the day that I can test this guy out and give Robin Williams a run for his comedic fame.

  2. I'm all about social media! It's fun gaining followers or likes just by being yourself, so I think Vine sounds cool. And to be able to post six-second videos? That's awesome! Short and simple. But it's hard to compete with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, I know of other sites that have tried and failed.

    And like Zach said, it would be better if android users can sign up as well. I have a iPhone but when Instagram first hit the scene, I was a droid user so it sucked not to be able to know what all the hype was about. And I still think that Instagram works better on iPhones. So to make it fit for ALL phones, would be in their best interest to really make it successful.

    But hopefully Vine can join the other big boys by becoming just as popular!